DABEL Cosmeceutics

DABEL Cosmeceutics is an Italian brand owned by ELIDA SRL, a company that deals with health in the medical and health sectors.

DABEL was born from the idea of its partners and in collaboration with some of the best aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons, creating “cosmeceutical” products, containing bioactive substances and created with the aim of having both aesthetic and medical benefits.

DABEL produces cosmetics with innovative and unique formulations, because it wants to inspire and aspire to beauty, giving people the opportunity to dream with the scents, fragrances and colors of its active ingredients to have a healthy and young skin.
Skin aging is a condition that must be treated immediately and not when it is too late. For this, DABEL looks to tomorrow: the future of skin care becomes present. The dream of eternal youth is with DABEL Cosmeceutics.